Is it difficult to be good and nice & easy to be bad?

Well this thought came across to my mind, and I thot that I shud be conveying this to those who are reading this.
Though a very small thot but I m sure many of us may have never thought about this. Suddenly it creeped in ma mind after each years of growing and experience with different kinds of people like your friends, your mates, your families, your co-workers as well as strangers. Analyzing the behaviour of every individual I came across though I m not an expert at it.
What I feel here is why people find it hard and difficult to do certain good things like saying sweet words, praising talking good about those who probably haven’t done nicer things for you. Here you can addressed them as others I mean the one whom you are not related to, whom you don’t share a blood relation. Though nowadays things keep changing.
It is always a human tendency of a human being that if one is nice and good to you, you reciprocate in the same manner. And the ones who don’t, you are either neutral or bad towards them. Here what I feel that why is it so difficult for person to be good to someone who hasn’t been good to you. Also bad things bad thoughts easily come to our minds. We easily talk ill about others but find difficult to talk good.
Here I am not being saint, I am also part of this kind of human nature. But to conclude here, I would like to say let’s be nice to those who are not good to us. That will bring a definite change in the other person’s thinking as well.
Before ending this, I would like to add this saying (not my
own, got it in the mailer) but a beautiful one.

Treat Everyone With Politeness
Even Those Who Are Rude To You,
Not Because They Are Not Nice
But Because You Are Nice…


Asim said...

Its always easy to be on either sides... its always us who are responsible for everything... well nowdays nobody cares if you are good bad... unless you are in contact of or use for the person. wat you think.

reshu said...

Well i agree but if everyone thinks like the way u then i think all the goodness will vanish in every human being