My Few Canvas Paintings....

I love to play with colors and that's how i enjoy painting Specially painting is such an activity that can be done only the moment when you get the urge to do it wholeheartedly..So i paint during leisure time and its one of my fav pastime and quite relaxing as well as stress buster...Lately haven't painted but i m sure and will get back to my old fav passion for art...

Zardosi Painting

Canvas Painting

Hope you all guys out there loved my paintings...

Reshma.. :)

Everything about POWER!!


Finally am back!

Its been long time since i even visited this site...thought of being active on the blog...Though i m not a good blogger would like to pen down my thoughts.
With life's ups and downs , having a childlike attitude feel there's a lot to learn and grow...Here's little general experience with power hungry people understanding their behaviour and nature for quite long now and wonder what makes people crave for power.

Usually politicians and many people in our society possess such personality.
They are hypocritical, respect and stand for evil things like money, ego, power etc..They enjoy controlling everyone around them belittling people with their sarcastic and negative attitude.They wont hear direct or indirect criticism cos they know inside where they are wrong but often deny.Such people often have a good social backing and therefore cannot do anything.Usually such power plays are seen in families where one person has control and influence over the house irrespective of whether the person is high earning member or not but has POWER.Most of them have such personality imbibed in them for which they are either aware or not about their own acts.Some of them have their own purpose to RULE..

At times such power hungry people are good but only if you fall in their good books and know how to please them, listen to them and follow and act upon their advices and if one doesnt they fall prey to them.
The problem with these people is that they want the targeted person to be submissive, afraid and not better than them not richer, not smarter and when you are or act that way they hate you..What they say what they feel is always right One should follow their given advice and if not agreed then they will do anything and everything in every possible way to destroy you in LEGAL way they can.Their most common weapon is to play divide and rule game and they play it so brilliantly that no single trace of their evil act is known to the people whom they favour.

Basically no one can stand such people and there's always a question how to overcome and deal with such power hungry people

Wonder if there's any way to treat such people provided there's no way to escape??