Fighting against terrorism or Fighting against each other religion?

Well everyone has been putting their comments and thots on the recent incident happened in mumbai.So i thought of conveying my thoughts too, to those who may read my blog.
I have been reading many articles in the newspaper and some of them have wrote and expressed well, faroff better than what i can.

My condolences to all those innocent people were been killed by the constant firing and bombings by the terrorist and also to those who lost their loved ones.Life will go on but it wouldnt the same like earlier it had been for them.It is tough time for those who lost their loved ones.

The only advantage out of this one can get is the politicians, how can they leave such an opportunity to win their seats.

I heard there were MPs also in the hotel and yet none of them were killed?how come they were safe?Why only the commom man?
There are so many questions that creep in our mind and looking for the truthful answers.

Like others even i have disliked and hated wht damage the terrorist did to our mumbai,
Such a beautiful heritage hotel been damaged, so much of losses of life as well as wealth.
But something is disturbing me still, yet not clear,
What are we doing about it?Arent we partly responsible for all this happening to us.We are good at blaming each other.But we dont look into ourself.

These terrorist removed all their aggression and hatred by killing people openly but as an each individual we keep grudges and hatred within us towards a particular group of ppl who follow particular religion which we dont like it.We differentiate people according to the religions they come people have forgotten that we belong to one caste that is human being.Arent we same or are we different?

Well just because all this happened, few days people will think of unity etc etc and then back to the same world, world of religions.

We live in such a society where in religion has been given so much undue importance and that we are so much entangled that we cannot come out of it.

Religion has been given so much importance that politcians play their political games out of it and we people foolishly are trapped in this game because are sentiments for our own religion is so much that anything happening against it, we become so aggressive and then fight for it.

If again after few days or after some months,some years , such kind of act happens then we shudnt be shocked, cos as far as there are religion likes and dislikes,hatred this will continue to happen.

This can end only when we all stop this false religionism.
Only then the world will be at peace!

God Bless Everyone!