My First Handmade Aluminium Wire Ring

Tried my hands on making this ring out of aluminium wire, inspired by korean company manufacturing aluminium wire ..isn't it amazing????

Hopes - The only thing that keeps you alive!

There are times when you feel like you have tried your level best and taken millions of steps towards your dreams , goals and acted on your plans only to find yourself in the same place where you had been..

Life seems to be a standstill...At times like this you feel lost,bewildered and alone..

But then there's always a small ray of hope that makes you to continue to believe in yourself , to strive and work harder towards your goals.

All you need is patience and perseverance to keep going and strive hard to achieve your dreams and goal.

Life is too short so never let go your hopes ,keep dreaming , keep hoping and give your life the best try....

There's a beautiful saying which i would like to share -

Keep a green tree in your heart, the birds will automatically come !


Gujrati Rhyme - Straight from the heart!

Sharing a beautiful Rhyme of an Incomplete love 
(Verses In Gujarati language)

Dharti Ne Bhinjavta Aaje Varsaad Adhura Lagya, 

Manzil Pamwana Aaje Sapna Adhura Lagya, 

Pahucho to kai rite hu aena ghar na Dwar Sudhi? 

Aeni Gali Na Aaje Rasta Adhura Lagya, 

Malvanu Pan Amaru Thayu Ae Rite, 

Ke Amara Milan Mate Aaje Janam Adhura Lagya, 

Saath Mangvo Hato Aeno Pan Mangu Koni Paase? 

Aene Mangva Mate Aaje Bhagwan Adhura Lagya, 

Aeni Yaad Ma Mare Tadapvu Hatu, 

Pan Mari Ankhon Ma  Aaje Aansu Adhura Lagya !