My Pot Paintings !

Painted Pots :
Hi Guys , these are few of my pot paintings.I hope you all will like them.

My Creativity !

My Paintings :

Hi Everyone!
This is one of my few paintings done on Paint Brush. Initially, it was difficult for me to use the
mouse to draw, somehow managed to do so…Hope you all would like it.


Funny Corner!

Men... Ha Ha Ha !!!

What is the difference between Men & Puppies ?
Puppies grow up!

Why do men always have a stupid look on their faces?
Because they are….

What do men have in common with ceramic tiles?
Fix them properly once and you can walk all over them forever.

If you drop a man and a brick out of a plane, which one would hit the ground first?
Who cares?????… ….

What did God say after he created men?
I can do better than this! And he created woman!!!.

Whats the difference between an intelligent man & UFO?
I don’t know, I’ve never seen either.

What are two reasons why men don’t mind their own business?
No Mind No Business

What is the difference between men & pigs?
Pigs don’t turn into men when they drink.

What makes men chase woman they have no intention of marrying?
The same urge that makes dogs chase vehicles they have no intention of driving.

What do you do with a man who thinks he’s God’s gift?
Exchange him.

Why do men like smart woman?
Opposites Attract.

I hope all the men are taking this sportingly.
Enjoy And Keep Smiling!

Thank You Lord!

Thank You Lord!

How many of us have thanked lord with true heart? Ask yourself, do we really?
Well, I realised that and thought putting up my thoughts across to everyone who reads this.

There are so many things in life we don’t get that time to do, due to our hectic work schedule. And we don’t realise the importance of certain few little things and those little things are sidelined.

We are so much busy in our work and personal life that we do not realize the value of it. It’s Diwali time and we look forward to gifts, bonuses, and incentives bla bla…. When we don’t receive these, we crib saying that we did not get our dues. Unhappy about our office, our salaries even though we get enough of it, we still crib saying that it’s not enough.

This is exactly what I had thought, infact I and my colleague we thought the same and cribbed a lot about it. But this is not about me and my colleague, I am sure most of us definitely would have been the same as we are.
After leaving office, traveling by train, as usual we see few people who sell certain goods in the train and this is how they earn their livelihood. We all have come across such people. Now I know what you guys must be thinking that why I m telling all this and there’s nothing new about it.
Well here there is something more about it. It’s not about selling goods in the train but what I noticed is that they at times they risk their lives by getting down out of running train and then crossing the tracks and then again catching another train in order to earn their bread.

Here I have portrayed only one incidence, but there are so many people in different situations, living a tough life.

I am sure everyone must have seen this too, now here what I am talking about is the comfort level.
Comparing our situation with theirs, we are much better off. In life, we crib for so many things and have lot of disappointments, but here we forget that there are so many people in the world that have tough life than us.

Looking at myself, I feel I m so well protected by my family, friends, colleagues and dear ones away from the bad world and hardships of life. I realized that I am so lucky and happy that I am not part of those difficulties, those tough situations which others are into and they still survive without complaining about it. There are many people who are lucky like me.

And here we complain about little little things in life forgetting that we have the best of all. We always see the brighter side of the life and forget the darker side of it.
Here what I mean is we should realise the importance of the bad side of the life. B’cos if we are not able to realize the importance and existence of bad things, we will never appreciate and realize the importance of the good things in life.

If there’s is no bad we wouldn’t have known the good. If there were no sadness, we wouldn’t have known what happiness would be like and it’s value.

And how many times we thank lord for the beautiful life we live? We always complain to lord for so many things we don’t have but never thank for the things we have. Let’s thank lord for the beautiful life he has given us and protecting us from the bad world.

Thank you lord, for everything he has given to me and I am happy with what I have.

God Bless Everyone!

Is it difficult to be good and nice & easy to be bad?

Well this thought came across to my mind, and I thot that I shud be conveying this to those who are reading this.
Though a very small thot but I m sure many of us may have never thought about this. Suddenly it creeped in ma mind after each years of growing and experience with different kinds of people like your friends, your mates, your families, your co-workers as well as strangers. Analyzing the behaviour of every individual I came across though I m not an expert at it.
What I feel here is why people find it hard and difficult to do certain good things like saying sweet words, praising talking good about those who probably haven’t done nicer things for you. Here you can addressed them as others I mean the one whom you are not related to, whom you don’t share a blood relation. Though nowadays things keep changing.
It is always a human tendency of a human being that if one is nice and good to you, you reciprocate in the same manner. And the ones who don’t, you are either neutral or bad towards them. Here what I feel that why is it so difficult for person to be good to someone who hasn’t been good to you. Also bad things bad thoughts easily come to our minds. We easily talk ill about others but find difficult to talk good.
Here I am not being saint, I am also part of this kind of human nature. But to conclude here, I would like to say let’s be nice to those who are not good to us. That will bring a definite change in the other person’s thinking as well.
Before ending this, I would like to add this saying (not my
own, got it in the mailer) but a beautiful one.

Treat Everyone With Politeness
Even Those Who Are Rude To You,
Not Because They Are Not Nice
But Because You Are Nice…