Life is too short to hate…

Most of us spend majority of our precious time in hating /disliking a person for certain reasons, which creates this hatred feeling.

We spend our time in things which aren’t productive and are useless, nah spend is not the right word, waste our time, right?

Like most of us like to bitch around, talk bad about others whether this is knowingly or unknowingly. Why unknowingly? cos most of us fail to realize that we are unnecessarily wasting our time.

It’s not only about wasting time huh,

Has anyone realized that people who spend most of their time in hating/disliking, talking ill, thinking bad, backbiting, evil thoughts, they affect themselves more than the person whom they possess these thoughts as negative thoughts and feelings always give stress and  generating such negative thoughts in certain way affect our health.

No one is perfect in this world, hence we should strive most importantly not to hurt others with our deliberate actions and pretentious behaviour.

So lets not hate or dislike, instead  we should keep smiling and feel the happiness of being free of hatred from within..
There’s a saying “Forgiveness is the best revenge”


Think Good, Be Good, And Feel Good! And Look Good ;)

The best way to live our life…

Keep Smiling Always!