Generation Next !

Tech Savvy Generation –

Back Again! I haven’t blogged for quite a long time...  Yes I m not a regular blogger though, it’s only when I get some creative thoughts and really feel I should pen down, I blog. So here I am shedding some light on technology savvy world we are in, though I m not a good writer trying my best to put my thoughts across here

Technology is tool when used appropriately it enhances connection and communication which can be used to chat with far away friends or work from home to spend quality time with family.

Gone are the olden days where communication was not so easy, thanks to the technology in today’s world communicating with people have been so easy and economical.

There were times when we used to meet friends at a particular point or location and the messages were passed on from one friend to another and yet manage to get together, nowadays we meet online!

Thanks to the access to quite a lot of online social networking services, it has made communication so easier and faster.  The most popular one is Facebook… We don’t meet friends personally but we do meet them online,

What amuses me the most is PDA’s on FB , where certain couples married, friends on facebook  are majorly on their devices commenting and complimenting each other , rather spending quality time personally,

Then there are online dating services, online matrimony services etc. Gone are the days of the personal match making services, where matchmaker used to show suitors, nowadays one is asked to find / search partners online!

And the mobile phones, especially, has become an integral part of a young adult's everyday life. Setting up different ringtones is as much as changing clothes, texting and sms has become part of our daily life.

With the smart phones, we have so many applications like whats app, BB, We chat, viber, Skype etc the list goes on …How many applications do we need to just to talk to the same number of people? Huh!

Whats app being the most used and popular app, the other day I was travelling in the bus to home even had money in hand to buy ticket but failed to do so as was so busy on whats app, the conductor comes up to me and is like asking me “Do you want to buy ticket? “Instead of me asking him for the ticket (laughs).

And before I forget to mention, read Shahrukh’s (Indian bollywood superstar) article on DNA, shedding some light on texting, so very much agree to him, texting has become our only form of communication, and the funniest part is when we speak over the phone we speak the terms used on texting, I m sure many of us do that specially terms like LOL, ROFL, OMG etc.

And the mentioning of sexting in the article, the concern showed by him on the trend of cyber sex and making out virtually, wow this is so much of tech savvy actually people are living virtual life more... It won’t be surprising to know about virtual marriages and then virtual babies … Kidding guys I know that’s too much...

I guess we are more of technology oriented generation; but I hope we understand the seriousness of this soon and balance online and offline activities, and lead a healthy life!

I hope to come back soon with some more creative thoughts, meanwhile thanks for reading.